Saturday, June 28, 2008

Also, Sofia isn't a country, last time I checked, and I have no presuppositions about entire countries-worth of people building train tracks in front of me to accommodate my apparently ample American bulk. Not that I'm being picky or anything, but to be fair, I DO do me research.

Go ahead. I'm waiting.



Anonymous said...

You said: ".... Serbia a mine ridden country..."

I said" "Serbia is not mine ridden country.. Where did you get that from?"

Your father got involved, told me that Yugoslavia was a made up country (irrelevant to my comment), said to "take it up" with him (what does that even mean? I mean, who says that past elementary school yard?)

And then you went on on on who WWII caused Yugoslavia regardless of its ethnicities to be formed, blah blah blah...

All, I asked is for you not to put false information, because, your blog is probably widely read, and your fallacy is just, well, bad... To your dad's last comment (and I really don't have ANY DESIRE NOR INTENTION to insult you nor your father in ANY WAY - so there is no reason for you either to say "Go ahead, I don't mind pissing you off" - it goes away from a civilized discourse) I replied, and ended, at least from my side, any further lets_take_this_out communication.

I am just asking you is that, since you are an educated person, when you write about regions of the world that are quote on quote sensitive (Palestine, Israel, the Balkans, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Falklands Islands, Taiwan, etc), is to refrain from such misinformation.

I just don't know how else to relay what I am trying to say without bringing irrelevant topics? That is ALL I wanted to say, when I posted my initial comment of your source of information. Period.

My name is Lana, by the way.

Anonymous said...

And congratulations on Fullbrigt Scholarhsip. See, I do MY research... Никад немој подценити Славене, нарочито оне Јужне!

GMarc said...

The phrase "take it up with me" does not imply any meeting in the school yard to engage in fisticuffs. It is an idiomatic expression meaning "to have a discussion" and, in this case, your biggest problem appears to be with my comment, not with my son's statement. Please, as I have said in another place, put the phrase "landmines in Serbia" into a search engine and look at the hits you get. As a professor in the liberal arts tradition, I am continually pointing out connections to my students. I apologize if I treated you as one in need of knowledge but, in my humble opinion, to state that "there were no landmines in Serbia" indicated an attempt to whitewash the attrocities that occurred in the Balkans. I am a man who seeks peace and believe that any war in today's world is wrong AND i also believe that when we ignore or downplay the truth the mistakes of history are bound to return to haunt us. I regret if I assumed you were Serbian but I believed, perhaps wrongly, that only a Serbian would come back on the defensive. My comment was neither irrelevant to me nor, apparently, to you as revealed by the umbrage you expressed in your response--again, I repeat--to my son. You could have chosen not to respond at all if it truly didn't matter to you, Lana. The United Nations doesn't go about ordering countries to destroy their land mines if they don't have any. My email is